Colour My World

Hi All!! Not sure how your day is going – but I literally just burned water. Or at least – I would have – if I had remembered to put it in the pot! As I was innocently drinking my wine and working on my blog (maybe it was my fault, lol) I could smell something burning… well… I figured there was something icky leftover on the element… NOPE.
It was me. ALL ME. I left the pot on high… thinking I had already filled it with water for the rice noodles to go with my delightfully delicious veggie stir fry. Well… I didn’t. LOL!! I LITERALLY BURNED THE COPPER BOTTOM OFF OF MY POT GUYS!!! IT WAS LEGIT FLAMING!!!!! I am in SO much trouble, LOL!!! My fireman husband was NOT impressed by my “blonde” moment. OMG. Lets just hope the veggies go better – and the new pot has water in it. That is a step in the right direction, right?!?!?


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