Crochet Slipcovered Ottoman

So… I have these super old and hideously stained ottomans that I just cannot justify replacing. First of all… I’m waiting to slipcover my even more hideous basement couches (this will be a new and super exciting blog post!!!) and am really not sure where I am going with things after that … will I need ottomans? A coffee table? Just occasional tables? The sky is the limit!! Honestly, at this point I couldn’t handle looking at them anymore so said to myself… LET’S go to Michaels. I had used the Bernat blanket yarn before to make a massively huge blanket for my king sized bed (don’t even ask how much it cost or how long it took – I don’t want to be reminded, lol!)… Anyway… I thought hmmm… This ottoman could look ok slipcovered!


Here is how they turned out:



So. I’ll break down the steps for you and show you how I made it.

This pattern used:

3 and a half balls of Bernat Blanket yarn, in Dark Grey.

7mm Crochet Hook


Needle – to sew in ends


BPdc – back post double crochet

Ch – chain

DC – double crochet

FPdc – front post double crochet

Hdc – half double crochet


Row 1 (Foundation):

Chain 32, then 3 more. DC into the 3rd stitch from hook and each stitch until the end of foundation chain. Turn.

Row 2:

Chain 3, skip 1st stitch.

FPdc around the post of next 4 stitches.

BPdc around post of the next 4 stitches.

Repeat 4 FPdc and 4 BPdc to end of row. Hdc in the very last stitch, chain 3. Turn.

Row 3: 

Repeat Row 2.

Row 4:

Skip first stitch, BPdc around post of next 4 stitches, then FPdc around post of next 4 stitches.

Repeat 4 BPdc and 4 FPdc to end of row.

Row 5:

Repeat row 4.

Row 6 and onward: 

Repeat rows 2 – 5 until you reach your desired size.

OH-KAAAAAY. There we go!


NOW! 4 more times, lol! I made 5 of these “squares” so that I would have 1 for each of the 4 sides, and 1 for the top.


At this point I took 4 of the 5 squares I had made and laid them out side by side. I used my crochet needle and the blanket yarn to sew them all together, one at a time. When I had all 4 squares sewn together to create one super long rectangle, I then sewed the first and last square together, to make a “cube”. I slid it onto the ottoman, and it fit like a GLOVE!!




Look who supervised my “connect 4” game with my crochet squares! Love my Lola Bear. And – there is your sneak peek of my old as you know what couches that are next on my hit list for recovering – this time professionally… I don’t trust myself to do 2 couches! 🙂

Wooot! Then I popped the last square onto the top and sewed that on all around the edges as well. It created one seamless slipcover that not only fits well, but looks great too!


Hah ha…. and … I only have TWO more ugly ottomans to recover!!! Do I do them all grey!?!?! Or should I switch it up a bit!?!?! What do you think?


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