Basement Bath Remodel

So, we moved into our house in June 2015. It was stuuuuuuck in the 80’s – waaaay too much oak – like it was everywhere… linoleum flooring, blue kitchen cabinets, vertical blinds… the colours…. OMG. The colours were horrible. Anyway, enough about the rest of the house  – you will see it all soon enough ;).

Let me give you an idea of what the bathroom looked like before I got my hands on it.


Just LOOK at those FLOORS!!! As if there wasn’t enough oak in the house, the toilet paper holder and towel holders were oak as well!!!! WTF?

After I sweet talked my hubby into painting the basement family room area, I decided that I also needed to paint the basement bathroom. And of course I then needed a new mirror and vanity, a shower curtain, and a new faucet. And new flooring.  He was not entirely on board (as in I didn’t tell him i ordered the flooring until I needed his truck to pick it all up the day of install) because he wanted to keep costs down. Way down. Anyway… I started on the painting, and he graciously decided to help finish it. Once we finished the wall and ceiling paint… I called dad. Lol. I asked him come on a day hubby was at work, and we got to work taking out the baseboards. Then we removed the toilet and just popped it into the shower to hang out until we were done with the flooring. The old vanity had already been removed by hubby, as we had purchased a new one from Ikea. It had good reviews, but I had never assembled anything from them before on my own, and quite honestly – I don’t speak Ikea. So my dad came up for the day to give me a hand.


Step one was painting those walls!! Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.


Bye BYE ugly old linoleum floors!!!

I purchased the flooring at Home Depot. It is the Allure Vinyl Plank flooring in brushed oak taupe. We were laying it on top of existing vinyl flooring that was glued so hard to the concrete I had no way of ever pulling it up. Dad showed me how to measure and cut and we put the flooring down together. It was as easy as measuring the plank, drawing your lines for the cuts, and scoring the board with a sharp utility knife, then cracking the seam to give a clean edge. It was a great day spent, just the two of us.


Anyway… dad and I got the floors installed and then we assembled and installed the bathroom vanity. And by “we” I really meant “he”. He seemed to be fluent in Ikea, so I let him assemble (THANKS Dad!!!), and I did the really important part of screwing in the drawer pulls.


Together we got the vanity installed, but the plumbing still needed a little work. We saved that special treat for my husband to help with the next day and called it a day.


My cute little construction zone… Dad and I left it at this point to continue working the next day when my husband would be home. 


I decided to paint the blind black for now, until I have a better idea of what I want in there on the window. I used the Rustoleum spray from Home Depot. I do wish it wasn’t as glossy as it is, but that will all change when I find the “right” blind. 


Clearly my mother didn’t teach me how to fold towels. 


Got this amazing light fixture from my girlfriend. She has her own design company and can sometimes give me deals on light fixtures her clients did not like for their projects. 


Yep… I painted the doors in the basement. I wanted a rich, dark colour and chose Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron. Loving the colour so far. 


One day I will remember to buy new door handles!



So it took some experimentation to get the plumbing all worked out for the vanity, and we hit a road block when the floor ring thing for the toilet broke (don’t blame me – I stayed away from the plumbing part of things) but once we had that all under control, we put the toilet back in, and got the faucet all hooked up. Got my mirror at HomeSense, and the toilet paper and towel racks at Home Depot. And yes, I KNOW I need a new toilet seat. Its just so comfy to sit on when you come in with a wet bum from the pool in the summer!

And voila! That was my basement bathroom overhaul! It was done on a budget, and I think it turned out great!




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