Who DOESN’T NEED Bookends?

Guys – I am so in LOVE with my sassy mermaid book ends! I was innocently looking at I don’t even know what when I decided “OMG. Know what I need?!?!?! BOOKENDS!!!!”

Anyway – I found it here at AmazonClick here for link



Here is her majestic front half… and she is doing a wonderful job of holding my books up.



And I think it is just so cute how her tail end holds up the other end of the books. Which is a good thing – apparently I was not wearing my thinking cap when I splurged on my “book” shelf – it is gorgeous but open ended… so the books need a little something on the ends to hold themselves up. Instead of having ends on each shelf level, I just stacked a few books here and there and figured that would work well too. Until I see the next set of ends that I just have to have.


Don’t judge my oak baseboard and trim. The house was like that when we moved in. Stay tuned for that project! Lol! I just can’t decide in the office if I would like the trim painted white for a nice modern look, or if I want to stain it a nice rich wood tone… What do you think?


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