My lovely little laundry room

Okay. In previous blog posts, I had mentioned the “state” of this house when we moved in. For starters, our laundry room is on the upper level in this house. When we moved in, my genius fireman hubby thought it would be wise to clean out the venting to outside for the dryer. Well… I don’t think that it had ever been done before! OMG…. the stuff that came out of there!!! Beer bottle caps, nails, chunks of drywall… It was a major fire hazard. So we cleaned that out and had one of hubby’s firemen friends come in and tile the floors.


Like in the bathrooms, the flooring was linoleum. We ripped it up, painted the walls, and then I (and by I, I mean my husband) wallpapered the back wall (while I supervised), just to give the room some personality. Good thing – it had been awhile since those walls or baseboard saw any love.


And THEN… I got my new washer and dryer. True works of art. After the kind gentlemen from Home Depot grunted and groaned their way up the stairs with these massive new units, we re-hung the old wire shelves. It was the most economical way to put shelving in there at the time, and I haven’t found exactly what I want in there yet. Anyway – we got the tiles on sale for like $1.50 a square foot, I found the paint colour at Home Hardware in the mis-tint section for $10 and the wallpaper was about $50 total for the wall. The laundry room ended up looking really fresh and clean and it was all done on a budget.



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