Budget friendly mudroom makeover!

This is a “before” shot of my mudroom…. lol… “before” I got my hands on it!   😉

It is also a shot of “before” we moved in – they took the freezer with them, lol!


This mudroom was the bane of my existence. To make this post make any sense to you at all – the front of the house has two doors. One is at the front in the middle, the mudroom door is to the side beside the garage. Honestly – it is the room we use most for entering and exiting the house, and since the door is closest to the garage and driveway, it is the door used most by guests as well. As an entry point into the house, it was embarrassing. The walls looked waaaaay worse in real life than they do in this pic. They were scuffed, banged up, dented… You name it. It was just a big old mess!


The room still needs some serious Megan love – but so far it is a major frackin’ improvement. Eventually I would love to have cubby holes under the cabinets where it is empty useless space (what were they thinking?) and the laundry tub in the middle of nowhere is also… confusing? It could at LEAST be pretty. I’m still toying with ideas for in there, but ONE day (when I win the lottery) I will be replacing ALLLLLLL the old blue tiles on the main level with a NICE floor. THEN the kitchen can get done and at that time I will work with my designer to figure out something cute and custom for the mudroom. So … I gave it a band-aid fix. Hubby went to work one day, and I pulled out the paint brushes.

I needed to paint the ceiling, so did that first, then taped it all off and painted the walls. They needed two coats, and then I refreshed the trim and door paint as well. I didn’t want to spend the extra money at the time on new light fixtures, so I pulled them down and spray painted them with Rustoleum Universal Metallic Spray paint in Flat Soft Iron. It is not perfect, but at least when you come in it is a little more refreshing and modern.


I know, I know… they still look like giant nipples in the sky. But I think they look better painted dark than having them that icky glossy white, with a rusty “nipple”.

Updating the colour, it just feels so much cleaner and brighter. Did I mention I picked the paint up at Home Hardware as a mis-tint colour for $10? And did I mention it was a colour match to Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter? Score. Even bigger score? Revere Pewter totally coordinates with my cat’s litter box.



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