Good-bye WINTER!

Today was a great day. I said good-bye to winter!! We got outside in the sunshine today and I took the Christmas lights off all of the trees in the garden, and I also removed all the protective burlap from the trees and shrubs.

AND THEN… I snipped inspected all the zip ties holding up the snow fence. Since they were no longer attached and the fence was falling down, my husband had to agree to put it away. Immediately. 😉

hate this snow fence. But, we get a lot of snow in the winter, and it is pretty open so we need it. The winds here can be pretty wild, and we work weird hours. Hubby finds it much easier to get the driveway done in the mornings with this monstrosity up. I just find it hard to look at the front yard when it is there, lol! I feel certain my neighbours are thanking me.

Next up is removing the snow fence around the pool. Also super ugly. But – it serves a purpose. We still haven’t installed a safety cover on the pool, it is still the old school tarp and sandbag type deal. So last winter (our first winter here) the dog was pretty good about the pool. She seemed to understand, and stayed away. We watched carefully whenever she went out at night, and she didn’t go near it.  Until one night. My husband was at work, and I just had a ‘feeling’. I looked out the back and saw Lola standing on the ice in the pool. In the deep end. I almost had a heart attack right then and there. I ran out in my socks and called her off. What if she fell through? Is the ice frozen solid? Will she listen? If she falls through, can I get her out? Is there a way?  What if she falls in and pulls me in when I try to help?!? A million thoughts ran through my head! I was so scared! (This is where my husband would remind me how I am a neurotic with an overactive imagination). Lola is an 85lb dog, and it wouldn’t take much for her to fall through that ice. I’m not crazy. Lol.



Not the best pic… but you get the gist. There is snow fencing around the pool secured to the wrought iron fencing. Keeps my Lola Bear out of harms way!

For the rest of the night and early the next morning, she only went out on a leash. When hubby came home in the morning, we went straight to the TSC Store and bought snow fence. Lol. It was cold and awkward, and we had to be inventive to get it put up (ground was frozen – the posts would not go in) but we did it! And it worked. It kept her out. She may be a big old Akita, but she is smart and knows her boundaries. She will not jump the fence, she will not knock it down. It is ugly as fuck, but it brings her safety and us – piece of mind. So this year… we put it up in the fall, lol – before the snow. It is super-duper ugly, but hey! Keeps my furry little big beast safe!

~ Megs


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