Breakfast of CHAMPIONS!

I hate making breakfast on school days. My alarm is a dick, and always wakes me before I am ready to get up. There is always the mad rush to get my daughter up, showered, and my child? Well, my child was born to have a personal assistant. We make her a nice hot breakfast to start her day off right, I brush and style her hair, she never remembers her cell phone, so I pack that into her bag for her… And her school lunch? Pffffft… she has never made one of those. Anyway… there used to be more variety. My husband started taking over breakfast duties, I took over lunches and hair. But this morning, my husband wasn’t home from work yet. So, I looked in the fridge. WHAT?!?! I had leftover turkey mixture from the  spaghetti squash tacos I made the other night. Lightbulb!!! Breakfast burritos, baby.

I scrambled up some eggs with milk, salt, and pepper. There was also leftover peameal, so I diced it up into little Shaye sized bites. I added the peameal and the leftover turkey mix to the pan, and cooked it till the eggs were cooked and the meat was heated through.

I put the mix into a tortilla and sprinkled some cheese on it. I made two. One for my sweet child, and one for my hero hubby. They both inhaled them. Yum. I had coffee, cause… mmm… YUM.



This was a breakfast hit, and I will definitely be making this again soon!


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