About Me(g)

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Megan, and I am so excited to be sharing my blog, and my life with you! I honestly was going to make it all about my passion for home decor – but I thought – WHY stop there?!?! I am more than that, and so are you! I am a wife, mother, I work full time, and I love to cook, clean, drink wine, craft, and change the appearance of my home on a regular basis (yes, this drives my husband insane). And I try to do all of this on a budget! So I figured there are so many more of us busy ladies out there who would be interested in reading up on “The Adventures of Megan” with some of my posts on various home decor projects, recipes, crafts or crochet projects… And just to keep it real – some of my epic Pinterest fails … lol – I know we have all been there!!